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Tax report of
the year 2021
Tax report of
the year 2022


Until the fateful dawn of 24 February, our team of doctors made 32 visits to the Bucha and Vyshgorod districts to provide targeted palliative care. Unfortunately, the war prevented the Fund from carrying out its usual work of providing free care to terminally ill patients (primarily because most of them were under occupation).


Being inspired by the idea of fighting against death from the very moment of our establishment, and not being able to provide palliative care, we did our best to save as many Ukrainian lives as possible even during the war.


In early March, when active fighting was taking place in the north of Kyiv region, our Fund purchased and sent collimators, magnifiers, and riflescopes to the military taking part in the fighting (the total cost of the purchase was UAH 150 thousand).


We also organized the collection and distribution of 160 kg of baby food, 50 kg of hygiene products, second-hand blankets, and clothes received as humanitarian aid from Ukrainian businesses and other charities to the affected families with children.

photo_2023-03-15_15-58-00 (2).jpg

In April, another UAH 47 thousand were spent to purchase food for vulnerable families with children who returned to Borodyansky district, UAH 8 thousand were spent to purchase bed linen for a rehabilitation center where wounded soldiers were taken care of, UAH 10 thousand were spent to purchase computer equipment to organize education for an excellent student whose house was looted by the occupation forces, and UAH 200 thousand were spent to purchase petroleum products, which were transferred to the communities of Vyshgorod district through the military-civilian administration. In April, healthcare facilities were provided with 32 thousand packs of medicines and medical supplies received from our partner charitable foundation, and 21.1 tonnes of food (sugar, cereals, canned meat, canned vegetables, noodles, biscuits, and Easter cakes) were donated to the vulnerable population of Kyiv Region.

Since the beginning of May, UAH 60 thousand have been spent to purchase a thermal imaging monocular, which was passed on to the State Border Guard Service, UAH 500 thousand were spent on petrol for the needs of communities in Kyiv Region, UAH 144 thousand were invested in the production of summer tactical footwear for the military, UAH 50 thousand were provided to support the activities of the all-Ukrainian newspaper Den on the information front, and UAH 15.5 thousand were transferred as targeted charitable assistance to patients who found themselves in difficult financial situations as a result of the war.


We distributed 18 tonnes of potatoes to low-income residents of Vyshgorod free of charge. In May, UAH 23.7 thousand were spent on purchasing gas blocks and glue to rebuild destroyed walls, UAH 66.5 thousand were spent on purchasing 3 pumps to pump water out of the settlements flooded by the occupiers' dam destruction in Vyshgorod district, and UAH 208.75 thousand were spent on purchasing roofing slate to cover the damaged roofs of the ambulatory clinic, kindergarten, and residential buildings.

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In June, UAH 18.9 thousand were spent on the purchase of construction materials, another UAH 7 thousand were provided to citizens as charitable aid for medical treatment, UAH 40 thousand were spent on fuel, and UAH 63 thousand were paid for the manufacture of tactical footwear for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In July, the charitable foundation purchased and delivered equipment for the military worth UAH 97,427, and transferred another UAH 2,500 in charitable aid to citizens for treatment.


Thanks to cooperation with international partners, a truckload of medical equipment, furniture, medicines, and other equipment was delivered to the Ivankiv Central District Hospital, which was subsequently distributed among various healthcare facilities in Kyiv Region.


In July, volunteers of our Fund provided and delivered targeted assistance in the form of food packages for children and adults (oil, canned food, cereals, baby diapers, baby food, porridge, purees, sweets, tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, hygiene products, shampoos, gels, soaps, biscuits, adult diapers) to different settlements of Kyiv Region. In total, 700 families received the aid, including internally displaced persons, and low-income and large families.

During the month, we managed to organise the rubble removal of a house destroyed by the occupiers and restored the roofs of 4 buildings, including 3 multi-storey buildings.


In addition, the volunteers of our foundation delivered medicines to our Armed Forces personnel (pantoprazole, cold medicine, ibuprofen, paracetamol, syringes, bandages, masks, gloves). We also sent the defenders of Ukraine starlink and food (water, tea, cereals, sweets, stews).


Since the beginning of August, our foundation has been actively restoring houses damaged by the armed aggression of the russia. During the month, we purchased construction materials worth UAH 65,039.96 and, together with our partners and volunteers restored 14 damaged houses.


Together with our friends and partners, we organised and paid for a trip to Poland for 42 children from National Guard families. Our Fund paid for the trip in the amount of UAH 1,317,500. We also provided financial assistance for medical treatment in the amount of UAH 17, thousand to people who applied to our Fund for help.


In August, the Fund's volunteers delivered a set of charging stations, mattresses, sleeping mats, construction materials worth over UAH 23 thousand, and food to our border guards. They also delivered cables, mounting foam and motion-sensing lamps to strengthen their positions.


During the month, volunteers of our Fund organised the distribution of humanitarian aid to residents of the villages of Berestyanka, Shibene, Mircha, Maidanivka, Vyshniaky in the Bucha district of Kyiv Region (food, bread baked at the Buzivka bakery, honey for children collected by residents of the village of Konela).

In September, 630 kg of food aid were delivered to our soldiers. In addition to the food aid, we purchased military equipment worth UAH 44,980.88 and sent it to our defenders. UAH 50 thousand were spent on purchasing petrol for the needs of the communities of Kyiv Region and our defenders.


Due to the active fighting in the north of Kyiv Region, most of the office equipment in educational institutions was destroyed by the occupiers, and some was stolen. We decided to support educational institutions and, thanks to our partners and benefactors, purchased and delivered a diesel generator for the Ivankiv Centre for Children and Youth Creativity, 4 laptops and a desktop computer for the Ivankiv Maria Priymachenko School of Arts. We also purchased 5 laptops for the Musiyky Lyceum, a printer for the Krasiatychi educational institution, and 2 accumulators for a school bus that transports children to out-of-school educational institutions. In total, in September, the Fund spent UAH 343,289 on the purchase of office equipment.


In September, we provided more than 100 family kits for children (diapers, baby food, wet wipes, purees, etc.). We also delivered targeted humanitarian aid in the form of food packages and hygiene products to the village of Zahaltsi in the Bucha district, Kyiv Region. The kits were delivered to pensioners, disabled people, and unemployed locals.

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In October, we delivered food to the intelligence officers and purchased military equipment worth UAH 13,881.


During the month, volunteers of our Fund delivered targeted humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons in Zahaltsi, Nova Buda, Shybene, Berestianka, Nebrat and Nove Zalissia in the Bucha district of Kyiv Region.


More than 124 families received basic necessities.


In October, medicines and medical supplies were also delivered to residents of Sloviansk, Donetsk Region. The Fund procured medicines for UAH 5,372.50 for people who applied for help.


During this month, thanks to our partners, we managed to restore 4 roofs in multi-storey and private buildings.

In November, our Fund received two large loads of humanitarian aid from foreign partners, which we distributed among the residents of the Borodyanka district who lost their homes: refrigerators, furniture, electric stoves, and clothes. Thanks to our partners, we were also able to provide soldiers defending the north and east of Ukraine with powdered soups and snacks and to deliver these products to heating centres in Kyiv Region.


A total of 2 tonnes of food aid were distributed.


The team of our charitable foundation continued to provide humanitarian aid in the form of food, hygiene products and baby kits (diapers, formula, wet wipes, sweets) to internally displaced persons and socially vulnerable groups throughout the month. Through cooperation with the state authorities, we provided beds, blankets, and winter sets for IDPs and people in difficult life circumstances in the following communities: Borodyanka, Ivankiv, Dymer, Piskivka, Petrivtsi, Slavutych, Vyshgorod and Pirnovo communities. In November, about 700 families, with children and the elderly, received such assistance from our Fund.


Volunteers of our Fund delivered 6 institutional kits with detergents and 30 kits for newborns to Ivankiv Hospital. A pallet of institutional kits was also delivered to Borodyanka Hospital.


From November 5 to December 1, 2022, the volunteers of our Fund provided aid to mothers with small children, internally displaced persons and supplied 7 military units. In total, 400 people were supported. This includes children's clothes, blankets, pillows, sheets, dishes, hygiene products, etc.


This month, we managed to restore 3 multi-storey buildings and purchase equipment for the military worth UAH 53,863. Another UAH 37,748.90 were spent on purchasing medicines for people affected by the war who applied to the Fund for help.


In December, we continued to provide children from internally displaced families with warm winter clothes. In Slavutych, Kyiv Region, 93 children received a set of warm clothes (winter jacket, sweater, thermal underwear, winter and sports pants, socks, boots, hat, scarf and gloves). Another 18 such sets were given to the children of the Polissya community.


In December, 117 families, including internally displaced persons, received support from our Fund in the form of food, hygiene products, baby food ( purees, cereal mixtures), diapers, baby bottles and medicines in Vyshgorod, Kyiv Region.


Volunteers of our Fund also delivered first aid kits with essential medicines, tea, water and powdered soups to 5 bomb shelters in Vyshgorod, Kyiv Region. Another UAH 4,800 were spent on medical supplies for the citizens.


In December, 47 families living in Petrivska, Vyshgorod and Dymer communities received help in the form of baby kits (diapers, wet wipes and hygiene products).


In January, the Fund procured medicines for people who applied for help in the amount of UAH 5,430. The Fund also partially paid for a rehabilitation course for a soldier in the amount of UAH 30 thousand.


We continued to equip shelters and purchased generators worth UAH 100 thousand and fire extinguishers worth UAH 5,976, which were delivered to shelters and resilience centres in Kyiv Region.


In January, medical institutions of Ivankiv, Borodyanka, Dymer and Vyshgorod communities received medical supplies from the Fund: fever reducers, heart medicines, calcium, vitamins for pregnant women, and drip systems. Also, 10 warm blankets, 10 pillows, 5 beds, 10 rollators, 10 wheelchairs, 48 units of fever-reducing medicines, and 24 units of cholesterol-lowering vitamins were delivered to the Polissya Central District Hospital.


The Children's Hospital Okhmatdyt received 224 newborn kits, 56 hygiene kits for adults, and 12 institutional kits.


These kits were also distributed among mothers and fathers in the Dymer, Polissya, and Ivankiv communities of the Kyiv Region.


Volunteers of our Fund visited elderly people in Vovchkiv village of the Polissia community and Khotyanivka village of the Vyshgorod community in Kyiv Region and delivered warm blankets, pillows, and rugs.


In January, we also delivered targeted humanitarian aid to internally displaced people, the elderly, people in difficult life circumstances, the disabled, and the bedridden. Pillows and warm blankets were delivered to 170 people.

photo_2023-03-15_15-58-02 (2).jpg

Thanks to our partners, in February we were able to deliver two fully equipped paramedic backpacks to our defenders.


In addition, we provided internally displaced families with warm blankets, pillows, rugs, and medical equipment. 90 people living in the Gornostaypil nursing home for the elderly and people with disabilities received humanitarian aid from our Fund in the form of food packages and hygiene kits.


250 families from the villages of Shybene, Maidanivka, and others received humanitarian aid in the form of food packages and hygiene products for children and adults (purees, powdered food, cereals, hygiene products, washing powder, diapers, biscuits, oil, sugar, tea, cereals, salt, flour, canned food, detergents).


Another 100 families, residents of 1 Hrushevskogo Street and 3 Hrushevskogo Street in Vyshgorod, who were injured on 23 November 2022 during the shelling by enemy missiles, received food packages (oil, canned food, cereals, sugar, tea, sweets, coffee).


Volunteers of our Fund delivered sets for newborns and hygiene kits for adults to the Vyshgorod Central District Hospital.


In February, our Fund responded to a request for help in rebuilding a house destroyed by the occupiers in the village of Berestyanka and purchased and delivered 25 cubic metres of gas units for a total of UAH 77,241.60.

At the beginning of March, thanks to our friends and partners, residents of Nemishayeve, Kyiv Region, received 100 food packages. Another 29 families from different settlements of the Vyshgorod district received aid in the form of diapers for children.

During the month, 12,800 kg of humanitarian aid in the form of animal feed, furniture, and medicines received from foreign partners were delivered to the Ivankiv Central District Hospital, Dymer community, Borodyanka, Khotyanivka village in Vyshgorod district, and other settlements of Kyiv Region.

Thanks to our fruitful cooperation with the Ministry for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, we managed to provide internally displaced persons and pre-schools with folding beds with mattresses, sheets, and blankets in the Bucha and Vyshgorod districts of the Kyiv Region. A total of 200 beds, 200 sheets, and 100 blankets were distributed.

In addition, UNICEF-provided institutional kits, newborn kits, hygiene kits for adults, and baby diapers were delivered to various settlements of the Kyiv Region for further distribution among internally displaced persons, low-income families, and pre-schools. 

In March, our doctors visited 6 patients living in Irpin, Bucha, Blystavitsa and Gostomel and provided professional palliative care, allowing their families to feel important support in this difficult time of war.

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